“Stay calm, mind your own business, do your own work and remember that a reminder never hurts”… 1 Thessalonians 4:11

If you are ever going to be happy in life and maximize destiny, you must learn to mind your business. Quit poke nosing into people’s affairs, stop monitoring your friends, classmate, relatives, colleague or neighbours.
What anybody does or has is not your concern, only mind what GOD has put in your care and NURTURE it.
Seek and devote your resources, time, and energy on self improvement. Because, your success is not defined in relative to anyone’s achievement or attainment.
The only person you should seek to be better than is the person you were yesterday.
A lot of folks are angry and dissatisfied with life because they are measuring their success by the achievements of others. Someone else’s breakthrough makes you angry and unfulfilled…………?
Stop gallivanting around, Quit spreading rumors around town, Stop being a busy body going from class to class.
You cannot continue this way and be successful in life.
Just be focused, improve on yourself,
Never wait for tomorrow……
Live in today…
Because, tomorrow never comes.

Napoleon Hill said “Whatever the heart of man can conceive and believe in ,it can achieve”.
Every successful person started out as AN AMATEUR. Take the first steps in achieving your dream.

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