Mathematics as a subject is feared globally, not just in Nigeria says Professor Sam Ale, a former Director-General of the National Mathematical Centre.
Ale said this in a recent interview with Daily Trust in Abuja.
According to him, the fear of the subject is not a Nigerian problem because students all over the world fear it..
“All over the world, there is apathy towards mathematics because people think the subject is difficult,” Ale said.
“That’s a problem faced all over the globe, not only in Nigeria.”
Immediately you mention that you are a mathematician, people will refer to you as a terror.
“Majority of people don’t like the subject and are scared of it.”
The Professor noted that only with advancement in Mathematics can the world progress.
“The advancement in the world is together. I can make bold to say that the world cannot advance without advancement in mathematics,” he added.
“Yes, it is a disease of many students and people generally; but truly, we need it to advance.”
He called on the government to pay special attention to rural education, noting that, “until educational facilities are improved upon, mathematics as a subject will not thrive.”

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