Texas TI-84 Graphical Calculator Tops Other Smartphone, Regarded as the Hottest Graphical Calculator

The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculator which came out in 2004 and has survived many smartphone upgrade still tops the hottest graphical calculator.

The President of Texas instrument, Peter Balyta said in a statement , “We have to keep evolving on this platform, but it can’t be innovation for the sake of innovation,” calculator division to Post writer Matt McFarland. “While it’s tempting for us to build in WiFi, Bluetooth, audio, a camera, a whole bunch of things, we could do, but teachers don’t want us to. And it’s because we want to have a tool that kids can use in a classroom, on their way home, at home when they’re doing homework and also a tool they can bring in during their most important exam.”

One reason the devices have lasted in American classrooms is because they can still be used during tests while smartphones remain relegated to backpacks.

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