Essential Soft-skills & Competencies for Today’s Executives & Employees


Soft-skills are defined as the personal attributes that enhance and individual’s interaction, job performance and career prospect. Soft-skills are interpersonal and generally applicable.

  • Excellent presentation skill.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Social/networking skill,
  • Business writing/business communication skills.
  • Effective communication skill (fluent speaking and good writing).
  • Work/workplace etiquette.
  • Team playing – the ability to work productively and effectively with others. Also, inter-personal skill.
  • Information and communication technology/computer skills.
  • Apt to learning – ability to learn and adapt to a job very fast with minimal supervision and explanation. Being clever and resourceful.
  • Teaching/training/mentoring skills and abilities.
  • Numerical/mathematical skill.
  • Information gathering and acquisition skills. Also, the ability to keep tabs of happenings in your business, corporate, socio-economic and political environment.
  • Anticipation skill – always try to see things/events coming before they actually arrived/happen.
  • Leadership, supervisory and managerial skills.
  • Adaptability to organisational/corporate changes (both role changes and management changes. Also, change management or transition management.
  • Initiative & independent skills/innovation & idea generation skills.
  • Financial resources management skill.
  • Human resources development and management skill.
  • Conflict resolution and conflict management skills.
  • Motivational skill – ability to motivate your team/group/workers. Also, self-motivation and management skills.
  • Flexibility and creativity. Also, creative thinking skill.
  • Risk taking, risk bearing and risk management skills.
  • Financial report/financial statement interpretation and analysing skills.

Note that, today’s workplace requires that employees, managers and executives to possess these essential soft-skills…

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