One of the reasons we fail to integrate our school work into our lives is because we really do not have an idea of how long things are going to take in the first place.

We have varieties of obligations ,Once you have a clear idea of HOW you spend your time now, you can decide whether you want to trim some of the activities out (like overstaying at school.club,watching movies etc) and how long things really take. Then you can set up a plan to do your school work based on a realistic estimate.
The point is that planning yourself for a few days can help you get a handle around how long things REALLY take. One of the biggest errors we all make in time management is underestimating how long things will actually take to do.


On top of that, most of us have other activities; church, charitable organizations, other hobbies. All the things that make a life rich and full. So, learn to plan your day to avoid failure in achieving our goals on daily bases.



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