Officials at Karoo National Park, South Africa have said that a three-year old lion has escaped from the park on June 5 through a hole under the perimeter fence.

They said the lion was discovered missing after farmers reported tracks on their private property.

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“We are still searching for it, but with a master tracker on board since yesterday we believe we are getting closer,” said Karoo Park spokeswoman, Fayroush Ludick.

Ludick said has assured locals that when the lion is found, it would likely be shot with a tranquillizer dart and returned to the wildlife park it escaped from.

Nerine Mocke Koch, a member on the SANParks – Karoo National Park’s official Facebook page, posted to the page on Thursday, 11 June, saying the lion had already killed 14 sheep on farmer, Eltrus Mocke’s farm in Palmietfontein.

Two weeks ago, an American tourist was attacked by a lioness through the open window of a car while she was driving in the Kruger National Park, South Africa’s biggest safari park.




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