1st year


From the moment you receive your admission letter, you feel the anticipation of your university journey. With every journey comes the first step; for university students.

Believe me; we have all been there, lying on your bed to avoid packing, envisioning the worst. From mismatched decorations to roommate blowouts, our imaginations skew expectations of student for the worse.

Making a Home
Leaving home for the first time and living on your own is a frightening experience. Saying goodbye to family, friends and refrigerators are all extremely difficult. “What scared me was that I may never go to a home where my parents, grandma and sisters can greet me under the same roof. From the time you catch yourself telling your friends, “Hey, let’s go home” after dinner to the moment you finally find the comfortable spot in your bed, you’ll hit ups and downs on the journey to calling college home.

Those People You Share Your Room With
You remember the fateful day you decided to Facebook message your roommate: awkward at best. “I was in a forced triple. At first I thought we would be like the girls in every movie.I discovered, after starting a Facebook message with them that they had gone to high school together and requested to live together. This was my worst nightmare. I thought I was going to be excluded from everything and left with no friends. My dream of finding my best friend was shattered and move-in was no longer exciting,”. Moment of silence for this situation? Despite her trauma,

Hitting the Gym: Do enough exercise
Many a college student thinks exercise and health are escapable. “I came in thinking that the ‘life in school’ was a myth, but when I stepped on the scale, I realized it was a reality. Let us be real.

Books and Stuff
Academics are the primary reason we embark on our journey (I hope). “With far fewer exams than secondary school. You learn that having fewer tests becomes a double-edged sword: 10 chances to save your life versus four? There is also the complete opposite mentality.
Partying Like a Rock Star
You have seen the movies, but not everyone wants their university experience to be like Animal House. “You live and learn”.

Being Alone
Meeting new people is a harrowing experience. As if all the confidence and social ability you scavenged in high school somehow goes out the window with the first, “Where are you from?” “College meant I would be entering a field of strangers. While I’m open to meeting new people, a voice inside said I was scared to initiate new relationships. I’m an introvert at heart, so I was worried others wouldn’t initiate relationships with me,”. Those old high school insecurities also don’t tend to go away. “I feared I would never find a group of friends that I would feel comfortable enough to simply be myself,”. There’s always that wall that separates you from meeting people who might make college home (everyone has it), but like every frat guy you know, just break through it with your head.

Fear itself
It’s amazing to be afraid. To quote one of the most brilliant doctors in the universe, Doctor Who, “Fear is power.” I was afraid my roommates would hate me; I would gain weight and university would change me in ways I couldn’t reverse. And I wasn’t alone. “I was scared because I didn’t have anything to define me. I was so intimidated by the freedom. I didn’t know who I was; I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just knew I didn’t want to be lonely.

I realized there are two types of people: ones who let fear prevent them from seeing positives in life and ones who embrace the uncharted territory that comes before them. EMBRACE YOUR FEARS, don’t let them control you like, “Live and learn.” Is not that what the university experience is all about?

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