TEACHING gives you the opportunity to learn and increase in knowledge. Teaching is not just one-way, there is always an exchange of knowledge, teachers also learn from their students as he/she try to impact knowledge to them.

Also, the more you try to explain, demonstrate or analyze your concept or topic to your students, the more you will learn and understand more about that concept or topic. You also stand the chance or advantage of increasing your knowledge at the same time that you teach, mentor or model others or your students.

There is also the communication skills, self-confidence, public speaking skills, etc that you develop from regular teaching. The benefit one derived from regular teaching are endless.

Thus, as a student or someone that have interest in constant learning, you have to develop the habit of teaching people, you must not be a professional teacher for you teach others. Organize a small group of people and teach them regularly, teach them mostly those concepts that you wish to understand and gain more knowledge about, you will be surprise at benefit you will derive from this strategy.

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