Education is the key that unlock wealth, riches, healthy living, economic growth, political stability etc.


Health Improvement:
When you lack knowledge on how to live a healthy life, sickness and diseases will be the other of the day. It has been said that educated mothers have healthier children. So, with education people are better prepared to prevent disease and to use Health services effectively. For example, young people who have completed primary education are less than half as likely to contract HIV as those with little or no schooling.

Economic growth:
Education increases labour and facilitates the growth of the economy,
In many poor countries, with each additional year of schooling, people earn 10% higher wages. These earnings, in turn, contribute to national economic growth. No country has ever achieved continuous and rapid growth without reaching
An adult literacy rate of at least 40%.


Political stability and Democracy:
Education supports the growth of civil society, democracy, and encourages political stability, allowing people to learn about their rights and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to exercise them.

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