What drives people to want more, when what they already have could be enough?

Shop Forums General What drives people to want more, when what they already have could be enough?

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    We live in a world where things are deliberately built to break- sometimes very quick- to encourage sales. Over the course of the last 30 years, the way of business has increasingly shifted to strategies for perpetuating consumer demand and, ultimately, generating higher profits. This is exemplified with the design of machines with parts that need replacement, appliances with built-in batteries, and shoes that wear out in a matter of weeks.

    How do we learn this buy-use-dispose culture we have grown to accustomed to today. People willingly line up for weeks to be the first to buy the newest iPhone, and other luxurious products, and will happily discard last year’s model without a second thought. Teenagers and adults alike consult fashion and design magazines for the latest styles, their closets already brimming with fast fashion and goods made in factories and sweatshops overseas.

    This consumerist framework of limitless consumption is unsustainable.

    Our collective consciousness has to shift away from the duty to consume, away from what has been dubbed “the organized creation of dissatisfaction” towards a society free of mindless mass consumption to ensure a comfortable future for the global ecosystem.

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