Apply for NSUK Postgraduate Admission Form 2015/2016

The Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) School of Postgraduate Studies invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the postgraduate programmes for the 2015/2016 academic session.

The available programmes are:


a) Department of Business Administration

PGD (Business Admin/ Mgt)   (Part-Time)
MBA (General)
MBA Entrepreneurship                 (Part-Time)
MBA Marketing                         (Part-Time)
MBA Management             (Part-Time)
MBA Human Resources                 (Part-Time)
MBA Finance                                 (Part-Time)
MBA Insurance                              (Part-Time)
iii. M.Sc. Business Administration    (Full-Time)

b) Department of Public Administration

PGDPA (Public Administration) (Part-Time)
MPA (General)                           (Part Time)
MPA (Personnel Admin)            (Part-Time)
MPA (Public Policy Analysis)    (Part-Time)
MPA (Local Govt. Admin)         (Part-Time)
M.Sc. Public Administration               (Full-Time)
a) Department of Accounting

PGDAF (Accounting & Finance) (Part-Time)
M.Sc. Accounting and Finance (Full-Time)
Master in Public Sector
Accounting (MIPSA)

MIPSA (Public Financial Mgt.) (Part-Time)
MIPSA (Tax Management) (Part-Time)
MIPSA (Treasury Management) (Part-Time)
MIPSA (Public Audit Mgt.) (Part-Time)

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

PGD Agric. Economics & Extension (Part-Time)
Agric. Econs & Extension option
Farm Management option (Part-Time)
ii M.Sc Agricultural Economics    (Full-Time)

iii Ph.D Agricultural Economics   (Full-Time)

iv M.Sc Agricultural Extension    (Full-Time)

v Ph.D Agricultural Extension       (Full-Time)

Department of Agronomy
PGD Agronomy (Part-Time)
Crop Science option (Part-Time)
Crop Protection option
Soil and Water Management   (Part-Time)

ii  M.Sc Crop Science    (Full-Time)

iii Ph.D Crop Science (Full-Time)

iv  M.Sc Soil Science (Full-Time)

v Ph.D Soil Science  (Full-Time)

vi  M.Sc Crop Protection     (Full-Time)

vii Ph.D Crop Protection    (Full-Time)

Department of Animal Science
PGD Animal Science (Part-Time)
ii  M.Sc Animal Science    (Full-Time)

iii  Ph.D Animal Science   (Full-Time)

a) Department of English

M.A. & Ph.D. English (Full-Time)
M.A. & Ph.D Literature in English (Full-Time)
b) History Department
M.A. & Ph.D. History (Full-Time)
c) Department of Languages & Linguistics
M.A. & Ph.D. Linguistics (Full-Time)
d) Department of Arabic
M.A. & Ph.D. Arabic (Full-Time)
e) Department of Islamic Studies
M.A & Ph.D Islamic Studies (Full-Time)
f) Department of Religious Studies
M.A Sociology of Religion (Full-Time)
M.A Biblical Studies New Testament (Full-Time)
iii. M.A African Traditional Religion             (Full-Time)

M.A Philosophy & Ethics (Full-Time)
M.A & Ph.D Religious Studies (Full-Time)
Ph.D Church History (Full-Time)
vii.  Ph.D Biblical Studies        (Full-Time)
g) Department of French
M.A French (Full-Time)


PGDE (Education) (Part-Time)
PGDAP (Educational Admin & Planning)   (Part-Time)

iii. M.Ed. & Ph.D Measurement & Evaluation  (Full-Time)

M.Ed. & Ph.D Mathematics Education (Full-Time)
M.Ed. & Ph.D Educational Psychology (Full-Time)
M.Ed. & Ph.D Science Education (Full-Time)
viii. M.Ed & Ph.D Educational Admin. Planning            (Full-Time)

M.Ed Philosophy of Education (Full-Time)
Ph.D Philosophy and Ethnics                  (Full-Time)

a) Department of Geography
PGD. Environmental Resource Management (Part-Time)
M.Sc. & Ph.D. Environmental Resource MGT (Full-Time)
iii. M.Sc. & . Ph.D. Climatology      (Full-Time)

M.Sc. Ph.D . Geomorphology (Full-Time)
b) Department of Sociology
M.Sc. Sociology   (Full –Time)

Areas of specialization are: Criminology &

Criminal Justice; Medical Sociology; Gender

Studies; Industrial Sociology; Sociology of Development.

c) Department of Political Science
M.Sc. Public Policy Analysis (Full-Time)
M.Sc. International Relations (Full-Time)
iii. M.Sc. Political Economy & Devt. Studies    (Full-Time)

d) Department of Economics
PGD Economics (Part-Time)
M.Sc Economics     (Full-Time)
iii. Ph.D Economics     (Full-Time)

a) Department of Geology & Mining
PGD Geology & Mining (Part-Time)
M.Sc. & Ph.D. Geology & Mining   (Full-Time)
iii. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Mineral Exploration  (Full-Time)

M.Sc. & Ph.D. Sedimentology    (Full-Time)
b) Department of Chemistry
M.Sc. & Ph.D Chemistry      (Full-Time)
b) Department of Biological Sciences
PGD Biodiversity & Conservation Management (Part-Time)
M.Sc. & Ph.D Plant Genetics & Breeding (Full-Time)
iii. M.Sc. & Ph.D Plant Science & Breeding           (Full-Time)

vi M.Sc & Ph.D Zoology (Applied Hydro Biology & Fisheries   (Full-Time)

M.Sc & Ph.D Zoology (Applied Entomology & Parasitology (Full-Time)
PGD Microbiology (Part-Time)
vii. M.Sc. & Ph.D Microbiology        (Full-Time)

c) Department of Mathematics
M.Sc. & Ph.D Mathematics (Full-Time)
d) Department of Physics
PGD Physics (Radiation) (Part-Time)
PGD Physics (Elect. & Communication) (Part-Time)
iii. M.Sc. Physics (Elect. & Communication)      (Full-Time)

M.Sc. Physics (Plasma) (Full-Time)
M.Sc. Physics (Radiation & Medical) (Full-Time)
PGD Physics (Geophysics) (Part-Time)
vii M.Sc. Physics (Geophysics)    (Part-Time)

LLM   (Full-Time)
Ph.D Law      (Full-Time)


Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programmes, Applicant must possess: A minimum of Bachelor’s degree or HND at upper credit level from a recognize university or polytechnic. NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter. 5’0 Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics. Any other qualification acceptable to the Senate of Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

Masters Programmes, Applicant must possess: Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second class honours from recognized institutions. Postgraduate diploma in relevant field. NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter. 5’0 Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes, Applicant must possess: Master’s degree from recognized universities with a minimum of 4.00 CGPA or 60% cumulative average. NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter. 5’0 Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics
(Holders of professional Masters Degree are not eligible to apply directly for any of the Ph.D programmes)

Method of Application:

Forms are sold online at our website: (Select “Prospective students” link, select ‘apply online the postgraduate school) Please, follow all instructions.

Application Form cost N15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only), payable using e-Transact payment platform in any branches of the following banks: Diamond, Eco, FCMB, First Bank, Mainstreet, Keystone, UBA, Zenith and Unity Bank.

Applicant should check the University website for detailed application procedure and further information. Pre-Qualifying examinations will be conducted.

Closing Date:

Application last between March 30, 2015 and May 29, 2015.


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