44-Yr-old Woman Marries 2nd Husband To Satisfy Her In Bed (PHOTO)

In what could pass as the first of its kind on the African continent, a 44-year-old South African woman, Puseletso Motselebane, has got for herself a second husband to give her the kind of sexual satisfaction her husband of 15 years cannot guarantee her.

And the two men are living peacefully together, sharing their wife on different nights, and they are a one big happy three-some family!

Her 51-year-old husband, Petrus Moshawa, had lost his libido and the woman said she hate the idea of cheating on him with other men, so the mother of four decided to get another active husband, 34-year-old Kagiso Monnamoncho, to move in with the family.

Motselebane said of the simple solution to her sexual addiction:

“After 15 years of marriage, I love my husband as much as I ever did, but I needed more action in the bedroom than he could provide.

People told me it was a bad thing and called me names, but I believe this is better than cheating.

My first husband could no longer satisfy me in bed because of some chronic disease he has. I felt guilty about my boyfriend so I decided to tell Petrus about Kagiso.”

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