18 Nigerians Wins Australia Awards Scholarship Initiative

23 African Countries have been selected to undergo Master’s and doctoral degree programmes at Australian Universities from next year, January 2015.

Among the 23 African counties, 18 Nigerians are among the 200 Africans selected for the 2015 Australia Awards Scholarship Initiative.

According to a statement released by the Australian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ambassador Jonathan Richardson, the workshop for preparation of the Nigerian beneficiaries for the journey had taken place in Abuja already, “The Australian Government wants to see highly educated, and talented professionals contributing to the development of Nigeria and beyond. The Australia awards provide the training and skills necessary to make this a reality and I want to wish every recipient travelling to Australia the best of luck in their studies.”

He also noted that alumni of the programme had made significant contributions in agriculture, natural resource management, health and public policy.

He also added that the programme will create room for training opportunities in agriculture, food security, mining and natural management.

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